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Discussion Post - Inner Child

Original Airdate: April 7, 2009

Episode Summary


Glyphs Code: WALTER (source: Fringepedia)

Observer Sighting

Broyles: Dr. Bishop? Any thoughts?
Walter: Perhaps. First I need a piece of special equipment. My turntable.
Broyles: Is that some kind of lab equipment?
Walter: No, no, a turntable. Record player. You enjoy music, don't you, Mr. Broyles? Well imagine the agony of having an extensive record collection and having no means to play it.
Peter: The agony.
Broyles: I'll have someone get right on it.

Peter: Walter. Olivia's here, she needs to talk to you. Walter!
Walter: Could she come back later? I'm about to step in the bath.
Peter: No, she can't come back later. It's the middle of the night. She needs to talk to you right now.
Walter: (comes out of the bathroom) Honestly, Peter, can't a man get... Agent Dunham. Peter, why didn't you tell me Agent Dunham was here?
Peter: I'm pretty sure I did.

Walter: Pheromones. Undetectable chemicals that nonetheless affect our behavior, our sex drive...
Peter: (points to Walter's open bathrobe) Hey, speaking of sex drive...
Walter: Oh, Peter, don't be such a prude. I'm sure Agent Dunham knows what a penis looks like. Don't you, Agent Dunham?
Peter: My father, ladies and gentlemen.

Olivia: Walter, the last time you used that thing, you drilled it into the guy's head.
Walter: If you think he'll find it disagreeable... I suppose it could be modified.
Peter: Really? You didn't think to mention that to the last guy?

Walter: "Cannot Build Phallic Puzzles In The Lab"...
Peter: What is he doing?
Astrid: Mnemonics. You know, like a rhyme or phrase to help memory. Like, uh, HOMES stands for the Great Lakes. That's Huron...
Peter: I'm familiar with that. Why is he doing it?


Discussion Questions

1. What was your favourite moment, or what did you like best about this episode?

2. Why do you think the child seemed to form a bond to Olivia, but not with the others?

3. What do you think happened to the child after the episode ended?

4. The child resembles the Observers, and one of the Observers seems interested in him. Do you think he's one of them?

5. Do you think we'll see the child again in a future episode?

(some of these questions were taken from the unanswered questions for this episode at Fringepedia.)

Share your thoughts, favourite quotes, screencaps and theories! Recommend fanfic, fanart, reviews, meta and other fanworks in the comments (and yes, you can even recommend your own fanworks, if you want)...
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